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Offroad modifications and upgrades for trials and overland expeditions

Off-road modifications

Be prepared

Whether you are a serious off-roader planning to drive to Senegal through the Sahara in mid-summer or just a dabbler wanting to do a day trip to Morocco, you need to be prepared. It is all too easy to forget something that will later cause you a big problem.

Redline Cars has had many years of experience in modifying vehicles to handle terrain that would make a tank sweat.

We can take a standard Defender, Discovery or other 4x4 and completely prepare it for you. We like to know our customer's needs and aspirations, so after a long chat and a good look over your vehicle we can advise you and help you to create a practical and safe car.

Typical additions and modifications include:

  • Power upgrade
  • Suspension lift
  • Mud or All Terrain tyres on suitable hubs
  • Roof rack and tent system
  • Snorkel (a variety available)
  • Dual battery system
  • Sat Nav
  • Various interior modifications to accommodate expedition kit
  • Window tinting

Let us give you an idea of what is available.

A typical upgrade to your vehicle could include the following accessories:

Power upgrade

This can be done through several methods, digitally and mechanically.

We have Autologic Diagnostic equipment that can re-map and power upgrade all Land Rovers. Click here to see some examples of the power increases you would expect. We can also add a full 'wired in' power upgrade from brands such as Hurricane.

We can also add up to 60 bhp to your engine (depending on the engine type) by upgrading several of the components such as the exhaust system, intercooler, adding a turbo kit and even by changing to a performance air filter.


Safari SnorkelApart from allowing the vehicle into fairly deep water, the snorkel raises the vehicle's air intake above the regular dust cloud level produced by other vehicles. This can lengthen the life of your engine and protect against unnecessary wear.

The Safari Snorkel shown left is the most popular snorkel for 4x4 vehicles and is available for Land Rover Discovery 200Tdi/300Tdi/TD5/V8, , Land Rover Defender 200Tdi/300Tdi/TD5/V8, Isuzu Trooper, Mitsubishi Shogun/Pajero, Nissan Patrol, Nissan Navara, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Prado, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Ssangyong Musso, Suzuki Vitara, Ford Courier, Mazda Brav.

There is also a complete range of 'mushroom top' snorkels available from several of our trade suppliers that are suitable for Series Land Rovers and can be adapted to fit almost any vehicle.

Suspension lift

Raised suspensionThis invloves replacing your vehicle's current springs with modified, taller springs to raise the vehicle up to 4 inches, depending on the choice of spring. This has several benefits including allowing the vehicle to traverse taller objects at the centre point, greater axle articulation, deeper wading and so on.

There are a number of off the shelf 'kits' available with all the parts required. When you raise the vehicle it is also necessary to replace some other parts such as shock absorbers and brake pipes to allow for the extra height. We can offer advice about these products and give you an idea of what you need to replace depending on how much extra lift you require.

Most of the kits can be fitted within one or two days.

Please give us a ring or contact us to arrange your fitting.


Winch and bumperEssential if you plan to take your vehicle into mud or sand. There are many types of winch suitable for all sizes of vehicle. You will also need a winch bumper to house the winch safely and keep it ready to use.

We can supply and fit the winch bumper and winch for you to use in everyday situations or for serious off-road trials and races. If your vehicle is a hybrid, we have the facilities to fabricate a custom made winch bumber to accommodate your winch.


Off-road tyresWe can supply and fit a comprehensive range of tyres including all the great brands such as BF Goodridge and Pirelli. We always have several sets of alloys in stock, both new and used and we can order them from our trade suppliers.

If you have a set of alloys that are damaged, we can also have them repaired for you and in most cases they return as good as new.

You need only decide which type of terrain you need to buy for. If you are not sure you can ask us for advice. We also keep a selection of part-worn tyres from braking vehicles and previous projects.


If you need something special or if you only have an idea of what you would like, give us a call for a chat about it. We are always willing to advise and help you and quite often the work you require will be a lot less complicated than you first thought.


Offroad in the desert, Morocco
Off-road in Morocco. Defender with snorkel, winch and rooftent.

Toyota Land Cruiser in Morocco
Toyota Land Cruiser in Morocco showing snorkel, suspension lift and BFG Mud Terrain tyres.

We can increase the suspension height by more that 4 inches if you need it.
We can increase the suspension height by more that 4 inches if you need it.

A standard 2 inch lift can be completed in a day and have you ready for the weekend.
A standard 2 inch lift can be completed in a day and have you ready for the weekend.

We can supply and fit all shapes and sizes of chequer plating.
We can supply and fit all shapes and sizes of chequer plating.

We can fit the most suitable winch and winch bumper for your specific use.
We can fit the most suitable winch and winch bumper for your specific use.

Defender 90
Defender 90

Discovery 1
Discovery 1

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